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Our 5 Step Modular Building Process

1 Planning

2 Design

3 Launch

4 Set Day

5 Final Finishing

Dameron Companies Building Process


  • Purchase land

  • Select lender (see our preferred lender list)

  • Obtain pre-approval letter from lender

  • Select floor plan

Dameron Companies Building Process


  • On site evaluation

  • Consulting time with licensed contractor

  • Pricing for options and upgrades available

  • Firm project quote

  • Blueprints

  • Construction timeline

Dameron Companies Building Process


  • Closing on construction loan

  • Approval of final blueprint

  • Staking out homesite

  • Submit blueprints for state permits

  • Apply for local permits

  • Start work and foundation

Dameron Companies Building Process

Set Day

  • Modules delivered

  • Modules set and secured to foundation

  • Home weather-proofed

Painting the Wall
Final Finishing
  • Roof finishing

  • Exterior finishing

  • Install gutters and downspouts

  • Utility and HVAC hookup

  • Drywall

  • Trim carpentry

  • Painting

  • Carpet and flooring installation

  • Porch and deck installation

  • Concrete flatwork

  • Final Inspection / Occupancy Permit

Nationwide Homes

Dameron Home Builders is an authorized, independent builder of Nationwide Homes, a leader in high quality, high performance custom modular homes.

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